José Almeida Araújo. The thousand roads of a pretender who left work

TMaybe you have to be a man to understand it. Or not. Perhaps, you have to be a woman to see how her five marriages were final and catalysts for the various lives that fit into the existence of a century of José de Harry de Almeida Araújo. We could start with his mother, Vilma, the German Jew who left Berlin fleeing Nazi persecution, about whom he spoke little. Or sit down and listen to any of his six daughters, who got used to seeing him passionately dedicate himself to each project and idea. José de Almeida Araújo (1924-2024) intended to study architecture, his father’s profession, when failing the entrance exam, in Free Drawing, would launch him on a cosmopolitan and off-road path. Which was made up of conversations with André Malraux and Le Corbusier, of complicities with Errol Flynn, Jean Cocteau and Marcel Pagnol. And disturbances on sunny days in the south of France, looking at Picasso and Jean Simmons.

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