Judiciary detains three suspects: Grupo Chimarrão takes responsibility for reporting the criminal scheme with invoicing

The Chimarrão restoration group admitted this Wednesday that it was the whistleblower of the criminal scheme in the company’s billing and guaranteed that it was the victim of the crimes that led to the “Signatura d’Ouro” operation “, carried out by the Judiciary Police (PJ).

In a note sent to Lusa, the group highlighted that the PJ’s investigation, as part of an investigation by the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) in Lisbon, “was intended to determine facts committed by third parties, who took advantage of the physical and mental fragility of the previous owner, now deceased, and his sick wife, disabled and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s since 2014”.

“The current owners, children and grandchildren, as well as Chimarrão, were the whistleblowers of the crimes under investigation and are victims of abusive acts and the destruction of family assets, the extent of which This is yet to be determined”, the statement said.

At stake may be crimes of illegitimate access, computer sabotage, computer fraud, forgery of documents and money laundering, according to information released this morning by the PJ, following of the operation carried out by the National Unit to Combat Cybercrime and Technological Crime.

In addition to the three arrests made, the PJ reported that 25 home and non-domestic search warrants were executed, although the group highlighted that the restaurants, current owners, managers and workers “do not They are not the target of any processes or searches and the establishments continue to operate normally.”

According to the PJ, the detainees took control of the group and began to control “the entire computer system related to invoicing, making the personal assets of the founder and the group’s companies their own” restoration.

The PJ also added that the suspects took advantage of the “vulnerable situation of the victims”, gradually taking control of the group’s companies and embezzling “assets valued at tens of millions of euros”.

The operation enabled the collection of documentary and digital evidence, as well as the seizure of properties, luxury vehicles, bank accounts and shares in companies. The detainees will be brought before the Central Criminal Investigation Court, in Lisbon, for the first interrogation and application of the respective coercive measures.


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