Lana Del Rey fans, rejoice, there’s a new song: listen to ‘Tough’, featuring Quavo, here

Lana Del Rey has a new song, ‘Tough’, written in partnership with rapper Quavo, ex-Migos.

An ‘aperitif’ had already been served in May, when Quavo showed a photo of Lana on social media. A month later, the two artists shared an excerpt from the song, which reached 40 million views on reels do Instagram.

It is not known whether ‘Tough’ will be part of “Lasso†, the album that Lana Del Rey has promised for this year, or whether it will be part of a Quavo project. It is the first new song that Lana Del Rey has released in 2024, after she released “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” last year.

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