Lily Allen created an OnlyFans account just for photos of her feet

Lily Allen created an account on the OnlyFans platform, commonly used to sell erotic and pornographic content.

The British artist decided to start selling photographs of her feet, in what appears to be an allusion to a meme old thing on the internet: that podiatrists will pay anything to see feet.

Subscription to the OnlyFans de Lily Allen, costs around 10 euros per month. According to “NME†, the artist has already published seven photographs. It was she herself who announced the creation of the account, through Instagram.

Two weeks ago, on the “Miss Me?†podcast, Allen revealed that her manicurist told her her feet “had five stars on WikiFeet [uma espécie de Wikipédia para pés]†. “The internet really likes my feet,†she added.

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