Louçã wants a truce with Cotrim despite his “galifão” and “trauliteiro” style: “Instead of this anger, he could contribute to the end of the war”

On the tenth day, the exchange of pennants between BE and IL did not stop, but this time Francisco Louçã appeared trying to calm the spirits between the two candidacies and launching a challenge to Cotrim de Figueiredo : that it joins several parties and intercedes with the German government to stop the financing of weapons to Israel.

“I wasn’t expecting Cotrim de Figueiredo to slip into such a traulite style. I don’t think he would repeat this gallivant style today. I think it looks badâ€said the former leader of the Bloco de Esquerda after Cotrim de Figueiredoter accused the blocista of “following Trotsky†and, therefore, not having “authority†to criticize “whoever it was†for lack of respect for rights humans.

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