Lucília Gago will be heard in Parliament, hearing approved with Chega abstaining

The Bloc and PAN’s requests for a hearing before the Attorney General of the Republic were approved this Wednesday in Parliament. The first initiative had votes in favor from all parties, with the exception of Chega (CH), which abstained, while the second had abstentions from CH and IL, a week after the André Ventura’s party postponed the vote potentially.

The objective is for the prosecutor to be heard soon in open doors, even before the AR’s vacation break, at the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees.

The blockers want to hear “urgently†from LucÃlia Gago for the “institutional presentation of the annual activity report of the Public Ministry” (MP), while Inês de Sousa Real’s party proposed an invitation to participate in a Hearing of the Pricuradora with a view to “accountability regarding the application of the Research Organization Law Criminal law and compliance with constitutional and legal guarantees for the protection of judicial secrecy.

The hearing of the Minister of Justice, Rita Alarcão Júdice, requested by the CH, following the interview given by the government official to the Observer, was rejected. Only the proposing party voted alone in favor of the minister’s hearing, after stating that the next PGR “has to put things in orderâ€

Just like the Express had reported, the left was unanimous regarding the need to listen to the Prosecutor, following Operation Influencer and the statement that led to the dismissal of António Costa and the fall of the absolute majority Government. But the right, with the exception of the CH, decided not to oppose the initiative either. The disclosure of non-criminal wiretaps involving António Costa and João Galamba once again put the MP under fire.


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