Marc Almond, from Soft Cell, saw Air’s concert in Cascais and wrote his own ‘report’

Marc Almond, lead singer of Soft Cell, was present at the French band Air’s concert at the Ageas Cool Jazz festival, in Cascais, and shared his opinion on social media. “My friends thought we could have stayed at home and listened to the CD, but I really liked it,†he took on the voice of the hits ‘Tainted Love’ or ‘Where Did Our Love Go?’, currently residing in Portugal.

“After an ugly day, it was a hot summer night when Air played in the local park,†Almond begins by writing, “I traveled until the end of the 90s, to the soundtrack of countless fashion shows, restaurant music and relaxed middle-class evenings. A bunch of gray heads shaking to ‘Sexy Boy’ and ‘Kelly Watch the Stars’ (I’d forgotten how much I like her) as they played ‘Moon Safari’ ’ in its entirety and probably much of the ‘The Virgin Suicides’ soundtrack as well.

Air at the Manuel Possolo Hippodrome, Cascais

Rita Carmo

Sharing several photographs and videos, the musician also adds: “I loved the stage design and the lighting and there I was transported to my times as an E [ecstacy], if I ever consumed those things, I mean. A bit of middle-aged madness (generous) at the end when they turned it into a rave for a few minutes. I love a good vocoder, I’ve also used one many times, and I can’t resist a space synthesizer. I keep telling Dave [Ball, seu parceiro nos Soft Cell] to make everything more spacey… like Hawkwind.

See below and remember here the BLITZ report on Air’s show at the 20th anniversary edition of Ageas Cool Jazz.


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