March against racism remembers victims and calls for justice in Carmo, where the dictatorship fell

A circle with 14 names of alleged victims of racism in Portugal was placed today in Largo do Carmo, in Lisbon, at the end of an anti-racist march full of slogans, color and music, which surprised tourists.

The march is part of Anti-Racist Day, which takes place on this Portugal Day, when Alcindo Monteiro was murdered 29 years ago, close to where protesters gathered today and began the protest.

Alcindo Monteiro, a Cape Verdean citizen murdered by a neo-Nazi group in 1995, was a reference present at the march and his name was clearly visible on several of the posters with which the participants paraded along Rua Garrett, followed by Rua Serpa Pinto, Travessa do Carmo and, finally, Largo do Carmo.

His name, in fact, is one of 14 mentioned on small red posters that identify alleged victims of racism and today they were placed, in a circle, on the floor of Largo do Carmo, where the dictatorship fell 50 years ago.

“Racists, fascists, your time has come, the immigrants stay and you leave”, shouted the protesters with the help of megaphones and to the sound of drums that were always present throughout the march, as did various elements of the PSP, supported by vehicles.

For Flávio Almeida, spokesperson for the Vida Justa movement, this initiative aims to ensure that “what happened on June 10th, with the death of Alcindo Monteiro, does not fall into oblivion”.

But it also shows that “the anti-racist fight cannot be dissociated from the material issue and that it is not a one-day fight, it is an everyday fight”.

For José Falcão, from the organization SOS Racismo, the Government should move forward now with the legalization of all immigrants and give them the right to vote, in addition to approving the criminalization of racism.

The association leader was pleased that the anti-racist issue is mobilizing more and more people and associations, but left a lament: “Unfortunately, those in the Government don’t do this”.

The colorfulness of the participants and the music, overlaid with slogans, caught tourists by surprise who took the opportunity to record the moment with their cell phone cameras, with some even leaving cafes and restaurants to watch the march.

Along the entire route, the situation in Palestine was remembered by several flags and slogans: “Israel is a murderous state, long live the struggle of the Palestinian people”.

With a red, black, white and green flag, Susana Gaspar, from the Palestine Movement, considered it impossible not to include the struggle of the Palestinian people in this anti-racist day.

“Just as Alcindo Monteiro was murdered, people in the Gaza Strip are being murdered every day and we see this on the news in a pornographic way and the international community, all together, cannot resolve this”, he stated.

And he continued: “It is a horrible suffering to know what they did to Alcindo Monteiro, without anyone in this State ever apologizing and forgiving, for everything: For his death, for the death of others, for racism, for colonialism and by the colonial war, which decimated our families, psychologically as well.”

Seyne Torres, from the Anti-Racist Front (FAR), one of the organizations promoting this march, believes that this journey makes even more sense today, one day after the European Parliament became “increasingly right-wing, extreme-right”.

Recognizing that “European Union policies influence national policies”, this activist considered it crucial to “mark this day of struggle against racism, against all neoliberal policies, for greater democracy and a more egalitarian country” .

“Forces and the capitalist movement encourage far-right forces to use racism and xenophobia as weapons against one another to divert attention from what matters, low wages, lack of housing and the state of health”, he said.

In addition to FAR, the “O Relâmpago” Sports and Recreational Association, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, the Lisbon Union of Trade Unions and the Vida movement organized this march. Fair.


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