Margarida Blasco says that the police do not allow themselves to be used by Chega and emphasizes: “Crime and immigration do not mix”

In his first interview since taking office, to Diário de Notícias, Margarida Blasco guarantees that she never thought and that “it wasn’t in the plans†to be a governor, but it was she who took on one of the most delicate negotiations of the new Government, with the unions and police associations. The agreement was successfully completed this weekafter several negotiating rounds that resulted in an increase of 300 euros in the risk subsidy.

Asked whether this was a closed matter, given that not all unions subscribed to the Government’s proposal, the Minister of Internal Affairs and former Inspector General of Internal Administration said that this is just “a of the themes” that will be addressed in relation to the security forces, remembering that the Government’s program “provides for a set of measures that dignify the performance” of the police.

Admitting that the negotiation process was “lengthy†and that there were “impasses†, the minister says that she has always “respected the strategy†of the unions and, more importantly, praises them for, in the negotiation , never having allowed themselves to be “instrumentalized†by Chega, who invited the security forces to be present in the Parliament galleries. “The main union organizations came forward to say that they did not feel bound,†Margarida Blasco told DN.

Minister of Internal Administration, Margarida Blasco


Last week, Prime Minister Luís Montenegro also said that there was no “not a cent more†for police officers in addition to the Government’s proposal for an increase of 300 euros. Margarida Blasco tells DN that Montenegro’s statement did not discredit her, “on the contrary†. “I felt I had what was necessary. I had already told them [sindicatos] that it is not possible for the Government to present a higher financial package, because there is another orientation in the Government that has to do with the accounts. The Prime Minister is always attentive, governs with his ministers, and came to support this decision,” explained the minister.

Two other themes stand out in this great interview, first of all the collage of immigration and crime, a recurring discourse in Chega but which also reaped from former Prime Minister Passos Coelho, during a Democratic Alliance rally in the last Legislature. Margarida Blasco has no doubts: “Crime and immigration don’t go hand in hand. If you ask the Minister of Justice, at RASI [Relatório Anual de Segurança Interna] This has been demonstrated, only 12% of the prison population is foreign. The rest are all Portuguese. Which means there may be a case here and there, we can’t exclude it. But the phenomenon of immigration and insecurity doesn’t go hand in hand,” he assured.

PSD Luis Montenegro and Passos Coelho in Faro. Legislative 2024. PHOTO RUI DUARTE SILVA

Rui Duarte Silva

On another subject that is also frequently on the agenda, which is police action involving hate crimes and violations of human rights, Margarida Blasco says that there has been “a lot of training given in this area†and guarantees that now as minister – and before at IGAI – she is “perfectly intransigent in this situation†.

“There is no openness or complacency with aggression, hate crimes and xenophobia. Police officers are citizens, but they are not just any citizens. They are citizens who defend public order, defend the citizen. They are one of the pillars of democracy and the rule of law and it is not acceptable for there to be radical movements within the security forces,” he said.


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