Mdou Moctar, rock without bullshit and with a message that came from Niger: “My music is a cry of warning”

A The guitar of Mahamadou Souleymane, the musician from Niger who the world is beginning to know as Mdou Moctar, kills colonialists. Just like Woody Guthrie’s, it once decimated fascists. The musician who revealed himself to the world beyond the borders of his home country in 2014, when he began releasing albums under the Sahel Sounds label – the label founded in Portland, United States, by Christopher Kirkley – has now published his second work on the independent Matador, the album “Funeral for Justice†, successor to the universally acclaimed “Afrique Victime†(2021). For Mdou Moctar, the fight continues: “This is no time for silence,†he told Expresso in a conversation in which Mikey Coulton, the band’s bassist, producer, translator and right-hand man of the Mdou musician also participated. . “My music is a cry of warning. My people are in danger,” he explains.

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