Meet the winners of 2024: these are the best wines in Lisbon

The best wines from the Lisbon Region 2024 are now known. The ceremony, which took place on Saturday at Quinta da Pimenteira, in Lisbon, revealed the winners of the “Excellence Award†in five categories special ones, having received this distinction as “Best Light Lisbon†, the Sottal Branco 2023 from Quinta do Sanguinhal. Adega d’Arrocha Fernão-Pires Reserva 2022 from Adega d’Arrocha was considered the “Best White†and the “Best Red†award was given to Casa Santos Lima Reserva 2020 from Casa Santos Lima . The “Excellence Award†for the “Best PDO†and “Best Vital†was awarded to Casa das Gaeiras Vital Vinhas Velhas Branco Reserva 2018 from Casa das Gaeiras.

Lisbon Wine Competition 2024

Still regarding special awards, the “Best Arinto†was the CH by Chocapalha White 2020 from Quinta de Chocapalha, and the “Revelation Wine†was the Trincadeira Branca from Quinta do Lagar Novo. Also noteworthy is the “Top 5 Arinto†, composed of the wines Caves Dois Portos Branco Reserva 2023, from Adega Cooperativa de Dois Portos, the AdegaMãe Branco 2019 from AdegaMãe, the Morgado de Bucelas – Cuvée Branco 2022 produced by Boas Quintas, the Morgado de Santa Catherina Branco 2022 and the Prova Régia Branco 2023, both from Sogrape.

Occupying the “Top 5 Leve Lisboa†are the Além do Rio Rosé 2023 wines from Adega Cooperativa de Azueira, Mirante Branco 2023 from Adega Cooperativa de Carvoeira, Solar da Marquesa Rosé 2023 from Casa AgrÃcola Nicolau and Feitores Branco 2022 by Feitores.

Áurea by Pedro Mendes

Wine list of excellence and best wine tourism

17 silver medals, 25 gold medals and four Grand Gold medals were also awarded, with the “Best Wine List in Hotel Restaurants†also being awarded to Restaurante Aurea (Lisbon) – Art Legacy Hotel led by Pedro Mendes. The “Best Wine Tourism†, AdegaMãe was the big winner of the “Best Wine Tourism†award and the “‘Event of the Year†award was given to Alma do Vinho de Alenquer. Finally, the Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Oeste was distinguished with the “Enogastronomic Merit†award, with the “Career Merit†honoring António Bernardino Paulo da Silva Chitas, who dedicated his life to wine growing in the Colares region.

Lisbon Wine Competition 2024

“With this competition we demonstrate, once again, the diversity and excellence of wines from the Lisbon Demarcated Region. It is always a source of pride and great satisfaction to honor and reward the work of our winegrowers, as well as the projects that so well promote and publicize the entire territory of the Region,” said Francisco Toscano Rico at the ceremony, president of CVR Lisbon. “The Demarcated Region of Lisbon has very different wines, and in this competition we wanted to once again highlight our identity, with emphasis on the Whites from the Arinto variety, the queen variety of the Region and the PDO Bucelas, as well as Vital, rare variety full of personality that is beginning to be reborn, and also Vinhos Leve Lisboa. The quality of wines is a hallmark of our region, highlighting an increasing demand from consumers and the market. This competition proved once again that Lisbon is much more than the name of the capital, it is a Great Wine Region,” highlighted Francisco Toscano Rico.

Francisco Toscano Rico – President of CVR Lisboa

A CVR Lisbon is an association of an interprofessional nature, with the mission of ensuring the control, certification and defense, promotion and promotion of wine tourism in the Wines of the Region of Lisbon. The Lisbon Wine Demarcated Region encompasses the IGP Lisboa Wines and the PDOs of Alenquer, Arruda, Torres-Vedras, Óbidos, Encostas D’ Aire, Aguardente da Lourinhã and Carcavelos, Colares and Bucelas, with a total of 10 thousand hectares of certified vineyards, two thousand winegrowing families and annual sales totaling around 66 million bottles, exporting 80% to around 100 countries.


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