Minister of Finance guarantees surpluses this year and in 2025 and trusts in the “package” to ensure budgetary margin

The Minister of Finance left behind the dramatization of the state of public accounts and went to the Assembly of the Republic in a considerably calmer version. Joaquim Miranda Sarmento is confident both in relation to the growth of the Portuguese economy in 2024 and 2025, and in relation to the State’s capacity to continue generating surpluses, even if small. This, despite the wide range of measures with significant budgetary impact that have already been announced and, in some cases, approved.

Asked by the parties how Terreiro do Paço will solve the budgetary puzzle that will allow spending to significantly increase and guarantee surpluses at the same time, Miranda Sarmento, helping himself several times during the hearing of the “economic theory†and its precepts.

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