Minister of Justice refuses to respond to PGR criticism

The Minister of Justice refused to respond to criticism made by the Attorney General of the Republic, Lucília Gago, who considered Rita Alarcão Júdice’s words serious for pointing out the need to put “house order” in the Ministry Public (MP).

Questioned by Lusa shortly after Lucília Gago’s interview with RTP1, the first since she assumed leadership of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (PGR) in 2018, the office of the Ministry of Justice assured that “no there will be no reaction” by Rita Alarcão Júdice.

Lucília Gago admitted that the Justice Minister’s recent interview with the Observer was a “driving force” to react publicly and accused Rita Alarcão Júdice of not having given her any diagnosis about the MP in a hearing that lasted three hours.

“I heard the statements and I was somewhat incredulous and perplexed. They are indecipherable and serious. Indecipherable because I said that the diagnosis had been made. And I didn’t say so in a three-hour hearing, it would have been an occasion Great for doing so. Graves because he says that the MP has a situation of lack of leadership, lack of communication skills and that he needs to clean up his house. MP the exclusive of the bad things that happen in Justice”, he said.

The PGR also denounced the existence of an “orchestrated campaign” against the MP, implicating the words of the Minister of Justice in this context of attack on her judiciary.

“It is very direct and incisive, saying that in recent times there has been a loss of trust attributable to the MP and the current leadership that the PGR exercises. It is an extraordinary statement, which imputes to the MP responsibility for the bad things that happen in the territory of justice, something that I absolutely reject”, concluded Lucília Gago.

In the recent interview with Observador, Rita Alarcão Júdice said that something needed to change in the MP to reinforce credibility and that a “new attorney general has to put order in the house” and reveal management and leadership.

“There is a diagnosis that has been made. There has been a certain amount of discredit and some noise around the MP. He is being attacked a lot. The MP is very important, his capacity and credibility are decisive for the good functioning of Justice. And, therefore, it is essential to have someone who can restore that trust”, declared the minister in an interview published on June 27th.


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