Mission supplement: Government and prison guards sign agreement for an increase of 300 euros

The Ministry of Justice and the three prison guard unions today signed an agreement on increasing the supplement per service by 300 euros, at the end of the fifth negotiating meeting between the parties.

The Minister of Justice, Rita Alarcão Júdice, presented a proposal very similar to the one that the Ministry of Internal Administration presented to the PSP unions and GNR associations, which is based on 200 euros already From this month onwards, an additional 50 euros in January 2025 and another 50 euros in January 2026, for a total increase of 300 euros.

The agreement also includes a commitment to review the career assessment system for prison guards and a meeting on this topic has already been set for July 24th.

A meeting was also scheduled for January 2025 to discuss the indexation of the supplement to the salary of the national director of the Judiciary Police and the single remuneration table.

It was also agreed to soon open a competition to recruit 225 new members of the prison guard.

The National Union of the Prison Guard Corps (SNCGP), the Union Association of Heads of the Prison Guard Corps and the Independent Union of the Prison Guard Corps signed the agreement with the Minister of Justice, in a meeting in which the Deputy Secretary of State and Justice, Maria Clara Figueiredo, and the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Marisa Garrido, were also present.

The agreement was reached at the fifth negotiation meeting between the Ministry of Justice and the prison guards unions and occurs the day after the understanding also reached in negotiations between the Ministry rio from Internal Administration and three PSP unions and two GNR associations.

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