Mitski’s cult at Primavera Sound Porto: “I want you to know that I love you. It is possible to love you without knowing you.”

We had not yet entered the enclosure and we could already see them: in a hurry to enter, run, take their place next to the bars. One was already carrying a sign in her hand that read: “Mitski, I love youâ€, in English, so that the American born in Japan would understand the phrase better. Mitski is the type of pop artist who awakens an overwhelming passion among her fans, especially younger ones, and who on social media affectionately call her “mommy†, as young people do today – an epithet that refers less to their age than to the idea of ​​wanting to be pampered, raised, by themselves. As soon as she entered the stage, the bebop that could be heard on the PA, the screams were deafening, and pubescent.

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Francesco Giganti

Journalist, social media, blogger and pop culture obsessive in newshubpro

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