Montenegro does not “enter into dialogue” with Lucília Gago nor did it speak to the PS leader about a successor

The Prime Minister stated that the Government “will not enter into dialogue” with the Attorney General of the Republic, without commenting on her interview, and said he had not spoken to the PS leader about the succession by Lucília Gago.

In statements to journalists before a dinner at Portugal’s official residence in Washington, on Tuesday, as part of the NATO summit, Luís Montenegro was asked about Lucília Gago’s interview, on Monday night.

“I am not going to make comments, the political parties said what they understood, the Government will not enter into a dialogue with the Attorney General of the Republic who is exercising her mandate”, he stated.

Asked if he has already entered into a dialogue with the opposition leader, PS general secretary Pedro Nuno Santos, about the succession of Lucília Gago, who is months away from finishing her term, the head of the Government responded with one word: “No”.

In an interview with RTP on Monday night, the Attorney General of the Republic stated that she never considered resigning, argued that there is “an orchestrated campaign” against the Public Ministry (MP) and considered it “indecipherable and serious” the statements made by the Minister of Justice about putting “order in the house” in the MP.

Lucília Gago also said that the investigation within the scope of ‘Operation Influencer’ targeting the former prime minister “is still ongoing”, and denied any “special care”, indicating that António Costa was treated like any other in the face of a complaint or suspicion of crime.

In response to another question from journalists, Montenegro reiterated his regret over the death of the previous prosecutor, Joana Marques Vidal, which he had already expressed through the social network X on Tuesday, leaving his consternation staff and the entire Government.

“She was, among other things, Attorney General of the Republic, but she had a very fulfilling career in areas that sometimes bypass people, such as the protection of children at risk, of more vulnerable people “, he said.

As PGR, he considered, he left “a very good memory for his competence and the capacity with which he carried out his mandate”,


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