NATO agrees €40 billion in funding for Kiev and “irreversible path” to membership

NATO heads of state and government committed this Wednesday to a minimum of 40 billion euros to support the Ukrainian war effort in 2025, declaring an “irreversible path” towards Ukraine’s accession. ¢nia.

“Through commensurate contributions, allies aim to provide a minimum of 40 billion euros in financing over the next year and provide sustainable levels of security assistance for Ukraine to succeed,” in the face of the Russian invader, refers to the declaration of NATO leaders, at the summit taking place this week in Washington.

The objective is to contribute to the creation of “a force capable of defeating” Russia and deterring it from new conflicts in the future. The agreed amount takes into account Ukraine’s needs, its national budgetary procedures and bilateral security agreements concluded with Kiev.

In the declaration, the member countries state that “they will reassess the contributions of allies at future NATO summits”, starting with the one that will take place next year in The Hague. The amount is related to the acquisition of military equipment, maintenance, logistics and transport expenses, military training expenses, as well as investments in Ukrainian defense infrastructure.

Allies will report to NATO on the support provided through this commitment twice a year, the first of which will include contributions delivered after 1 January 2024. On this basis, NATO Secretary-General , Jens Stoltenberg, will provide member countries with an overview of all notified contributions.

The allies also stressed that they fully support Ukraine’s right to choose its own security arrangements and to decide its future, free from external interference.

NATO leaders declared their support for Ukraine on its “irreversible path” towards integration into the Atlantic Alliance, and pledged to extend an invitation to join Kiev when the conditions are met. §tions. “The future of Ukraine lies in NATO”, they added.

In the text, it is reaffirmed that Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine “has shaken peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region” and “severely undermined global security”

The member states of the Atlantic Alliance also announced the creation of the so-called Security Assistance and Training (NSATU) to coordinate the supply of military equipment and training to Kiev by the allies and partners.

NSATU, which will operate in allied countries, will support Ukraine’s self-defense in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and international law, highlighting on the other hand that this instrument will not make NATO a party to the conflict, but will support the transformation of Ukrainian forces and enable their greater integration with the Alliance.

Likewise, they agreed to establish a Joint NATO-Ukraine Analysis, Training and Education Center, which they considered “an important pillar of practical cooperation” to identify and apply lessons from the invasion of Russia and increase interoperability between Kiev forces and the Atlantic Alliance. The leaders also welcomed Stoltenberg’s decision to appoint a NATO representative in Ukraine.

NATO leaders today committed to strengthening their industrial capacity in the defensive domain and protecting their supply chains, considering that cooperation in this area is a critical part of their security and deterrence. £o.

Allies commit to strengthening the defense industry

NATO leaders also committed to strengthening their industrial capacity in the defensive domain and protecting their supply chains, considering that cooperation in this area is a critical part of their security and deterrence.

“The defense industry gives us the equipment we need to fight, strengthens our technological advantage and plays an important role in increasing the readiness and interoperability of our forces,” NATO leaders said in the statement. joint summit of the organization taking place in Washington.

Strengthening the defense industry, according to the text, makes the Atlantic Alliance more capable of meeting the requirements of NATO defense plans “in a timely manner” and sustains immediate and lasting support for Ukraine nia. Members of the Atlantic Alliance highlighted that the security of almost one billion citizens depends on investments in deterrence and defense.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s transition to a war economy demonstrate, the document continues, the strategic importance of this industry. The allies committed to accelerating the growth of defense industrial capacity and production, promoting an innovative, competitive and sustainable industry, where reciprocal cooperation and openness are the norm.

“We will seek to address restrictions on financing defense industrial investments and promote the ethical nature of their contribution to peace and security,” the leaders said in the declaration, in which they committed to sharing the respective plans, but leaving them to the discretion of each country.

Each ally will write its own plan, decide how to improve industrial and response capacity, review it periodically, present annual reports based on measurable results, and accelerate the adoption of new technologies .

NATO members also consider it essential to promote joint acquisitions to reinforce interoperability and a better quality-price relationship, and also choose to increase cooperation with both Ukraine and with partners such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.

Allies stress that supply chain protection is equally critical for the Alliance to develop “military capabilities free from the hostile influence of potential adversaries.”

US President Joe Biden, host of the summit, had declared today that this collective promise sends a message to the world that the allies are determined to keep NATO strong and protect “every inch of their territory” .


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