NATO Summit will change the Alliance’s “center of gravity”: “The main problem doesn’t have to do with Trump, it’s called imperial Russia”

NATO’s center of gravity is no longer based solely on the defense of Ukraine and has moved to a new level in which the defense of European territory, belonging to the European members of NATO, is deserving serious attention and planning from the Alliance’s heads of strategy and logistics. These are the two main lines from which the successes of the meeting that marks the organization’s 75th anniversary will be measured.

Let’s start with support for Ukraine, one of the three points on the agenda, together with financing the Alliance and the Indo-Pacific. This summit, which takes place in Washington, at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, where the treaty that gave rise to NATO was signed in 1949, “is not just any summit†and marks “a change of the paradigm in relation to Ukraine,” says Major General and specialist in Security and Defense matters Arnaut Moreira to Expresso. “Before we talked about the support that each of the Alliance member countries could provide, now we talk about the institutional support of the Alliance as a whole.â€

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