NATO wants to reinforce measures to stop a wave of hybrid attacks in Europe

Defense ministers, meeting in Brussels, will discuss specific measures to deal with “Russia’s campaign of hostile activities against NATO allies”, Stoltenberg told the media this Thursday, the 13th. .

“We have had several examples of sabotage, arson, cyber attacks and disinformation,†said Stoltenberg, before the start of the meeting of NATO defense ministers taking place today.

The 32 NATO countries will work on “options” to respond to these hybrid attacks, including greater information sharing, greater protection of essential infrastructure (energy, telecommunications, etc.) ) and “restrictive†measures against Russian agents, he added.

Several NATO countries have denounced the resurgence of these hybrid attacks.

Poland declared that it wanted to restrict the movements of Russian diplomats within its territory, after the arrest of several people suspected of sabotage in favor of Russia.

NATO suspects that Russia is trying to “spread fear, sow discord and undermine support†from allies for Ukraine.

“Russia’s actions will not prevent us from continuing to support Ukraine,†the NATO secretary general also highlighted.


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