New airport could be ready by 2030, says Rosário Partidário, coordinator of the Independent Technical Commission

The CTI coordinator for the new airport stated this Saturday that it is possible to build the new airport infrastructure at Campo de Tiro de Alcochete (CTA) before the 2030 football world cup, if there is good planning.

“I think so, [que o novo aeroporto pode ser construído até 2030]especially if we come to the conclusion that the World Cup is enough justification to have a [novo] airport, to bring fans and teams to Portugal”, said Rosário Partidário.

“Portugal, in all the great initiatives it has had, always has a very strong motivation factor. Either it’s Expo 98, or it’s the Youth Days. And, maybe, it’s good to have the world championship as a justification for having an infrastructure like this prepared to receive the demand that will eventually exist”, he added.

Rosário Partidário spoke to journalists after participating in a meeting, promoted by the civic platform against the construction of the new airport at the Montijo Air Base, to celebrate the Government’s decision to build the new airport at the Alcochete Shooting Field (CTA), which was considered the best option by the CTI.

“É exequível [construir o novo aeroporto até 2030] if there is planning, organization and quick decisions”, highlighted Rosário Partidário.

At the meeting held at the Society “Os Franceses”, in Barreiro, in the district of Setúbal, in which she was praised and honored by the civic platform for the “quality and exemption” of the work carried out by CTI, Rosário Partidário He also warned of the need to create “a master plan” for the new airport.

“That is an infrastructure that will have a very large territorial impact, because, obviously, it will attract a lot of demand from the point of view of industries, companies, infrastructure services, all of this. And, therefore, that does not It can happen at random. There has to be a master plan, which, in fact, was already foreseen in the previous project”, he explained.

“There always has to be a master plan when there is an investment that will cause a very large territorial impact. It has to be like this, it is not something that is even debatable or debatable, because what is at stake, precisely, is the how later, both the preservation of existing natural values ​​and the future organization of that territory will be triggered”, he added.

Rosário Partidário also considered that, if there is good planning, be it territorial master planning or construction planning, involving all actors who are relevant to the development of the project, the new airport “it won’t take long to build.”


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