New law in Sweden allows grandparents to take paid leave to look after their grandchildren

It is an innovative law that promises to bring more flexibility to families. Sweden has launched new legislation that allows grandparents to take paid parental leave to look after their grandchildren.

According to the Associated Pressthe license can be taken if grandchildren are between three months and one year old. During this period, parents can choose to transfer part of the parental leave to the children’s grandparents, if they are left to look after the grandchildren. For this, it is enough that the grandparents do not work or study during this time.

The legislation provides that a couple can transfer to grandparents, at most, the amount equivalent to 45 days of leave. Not if it is about a single mother or father, the amount increases to up to 90 days license.

The Government’s proposal to transfer parental leave was approved by the Swedish parliament in December.

Or Swedish case

In Sweden, parents are entitled to leave for 480 days after the birth of the child. In Portugal, the license lasts up to 150 days (plus another 30 days, if the mother and father choose to share it exclusively, without being at the same time.)

Swedish parents are entitled, for the first 390 days of leave, to compensation calculated on the basis of the person’s total salary, with the remaining 90 days to be paid at a fixed rate of 180 Swedish kronor (around 16€ per day).

In the Scandinavian country, Parents are also entitled to other benefits, such as working reduced hours until their children are 8 years old (or 12 years, if the parents are Government employees).

A Sweden was the first country in the world to introduce parental leave for fathers (instead of just maternity leave), five decades ago. The country – which, like Portugal, has a population of around 10 million – has asocial security system heavily financed by taxpayer taxes.


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