‘New York Times’ calls for Joe Biden to be replaced in the US election race

The editorial board of the newspaper ‘The New York Times’ this Tuesday openly appealed to the Democratic Party to promote a new candidate for the North American presidential election and to demonstrate to Joe Biden that it is not capable of defeating Donald Trump.

The most influential newspaper among progressive American media has already published opinion articles calling for Biden to leave, but this time it published an editorial signed by the entire management to urge leaders of the party to “speak energetically with the President and the public about the need for a new candidate”.

The title reminds us that Biden “should not try to do two of the most difficult and demanding jobs in the world at the same time: serving as President and campaigning for the Presidency.”

According to the editorial, the heavyweights of the Democratic Party are acting out of respect for Biden and because they calculate that they can be more influential with private advice than with public criticism.

But “a whisper campaign is inappropriate at this time, because the moment is urgent: the longer Biden clings to his nomination, the harder it will be to replace him.”

The editorial board cited a survey carried out last week by the same newspaper, in which 74% of respondents agreed that Biden is too old (81 years old) to remain in office, a percentage that rose five points after his negative performance in the television debate with Republican candidate and former President Donald Trump.

For the newspaper, Biden pays little attention to his own voters “and puts the country at serious risk when he insists that he is the best Democrat to beat Trump.”

The editorial ends by accusing Biden of blind ambition: “As the situation becomes more critical, (Biden) has come to consider himself indispensable. He does not seem to understand that he is The problem is that the best hope for Democrats to maintain control of the White House is for him to step aside.”

Several Democratic voices believe that the time has come for Biden to withdraw, with the doubt remaining as to whether there will be a coordinated move in this direction.

Other doubts would also arise regarding Biden’s willingness to accept withdrawing and, even given this decision, the Democratic Party would only have a few weeks to organize his succession, running the risk of internal divisions and a convention is chaotically named in Chicago in August.

In this entirely hypothetical scenario, the new candidate would have just over two months to campaign before the November 5 elections.


Francesco Giganti

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