On a tour of Faro, the cosmopolitan capital of the Algarve, which invites you to discover the Ria Formosa

A city with history and tradition, with the estuary and the sea as a starting and ending point, Faro also takes on an increasingly modern and vibrant aspect, marked by new spaces and concepts of tourism and leisure. To visit the islands of Farol, Culatra or Deserta, embark at Cais das Portas do Mar, taking advantage of the regular ferry routes or taxi boats. At the Porta Nova pier, it is possible to board a company boat You are animated and enjoy a relaxed trip of contemplation and discovery of the fauna and flora of the Ria Formosa and some of the secrets of the natural park.

Discover regional cuisine at Estaminé restaurant, the only one on Ilha Deserta, a magical place practically in its pure state and accessible only by boat. On your return to Faro, the invitation is to visit one of the city’s terraces, such as the LAB Terracea space with a unique view of the Ria Formosa.

O Green Walk this week, it is done with the Ria Formosa Natural Park as the main scenario. With eyes on the marina, right in the heart of the city, the Hotel Faro It is the starting point for exploring the city, the estuary and the beaches.

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Hotel Faro

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