Open-air gallery, Águeda celebrates itself with colorful street arts, Bairrada flavors and surprising nature

City in the district of Aveiro, Ãgueda has an annual festival dedicated to the various forms of urban art, a national and international banner. Throughout Agità gueda, which takes place between the 6th and 28th of July, all the streets buzz with excitement with artists coming from all over the world, bringing installations, performances by Living Statues and Carnival Fora Dâ ’Hours, but also live music and sporting initiatives. In the city that saw the birth of the writer and politician Manuel Alegre, water is a central element and a striking feature: it is bathed by five rivers, from the Vouga, with more than 40 km of course passing through the municipality, to the á gueda river , a tributary of the Vouga and which results from the Monte Teso and Bezerreira rivers, converging with the Cértima river. It is also here that you will find the largest natural lagoon in the Iberian Peninsula, Pateira de Fermentelos. All these waters allow you to enjoy numerous river and leisure parks, as well as several walking and cycling routes.

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In addition to nature, the cultural heritage dedicated to the arts is clearly evident, be it buildings such as museums, foundations and monuments, or urban art which, in the form of an open-air gallery, combines perfectly are with the Agitágueda artistic festival, and enhances the visual sensation of an explosion of color. This effect is accentuated by the Umbrella Sky Project installation, which consists of hats of all colors decorating the skies and protecting everyone who passes through the streets of Ãgueda from the sun. This creation has become an authentic tourist postcard of the city. To have the energy that the “rainbow city†demands, good food is essential. The region’s favorite dish is “Leitão roast à Bairrada†, but also “Lampantana†, a close relative of chanfana, prepared with red wine and baked in the oven in the caça clay oil. IN THE confectionery there are recipes that cross generations to win the heart: Pastéis de à gueda and Fuzis, crunchy cookies with almond flavor, accompany the local sparkling wine, as à gueda is part of the Bairrada Demarcated Region.

Fermentelos pot

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Pateira, the largest natural lagoon in the Iberian Peninsula
Owner of a stunning landscape that becomes more accentuated at sunset, Pateira de Fermentelos is the largest natural lagoon in the Iberian Peninsula, a paradise of biodiversity, home to over 150 species of birds and a hand -full of romantic corners. In Fermentelos you will find the Parque do Emigrante, also with tables and a kind of amphitheater for rest and reading, and in Aveiro the Parque de Requeixo. Notice the typical wooden bateiras, once widely used in fishing and collecting molços to fertilize the land. After the walks, try the “I Love Pateira†swing, overlooking the lagoon. Pateira probably began to form in the Middle Ages, due to the successive floods of the Cértima and Ãgueda rivers and the flooding of riverside fields. Currently it corresponds to the silting and spreading of the Cértima river, close to the place where it flows into the Ãgueda river. With a variable surface area and depth, according to the season of the year, it reaches more than five square kilometers, mostly in the municipality of Ãgueda, but also in the municipalities of Aveiro and Oliveira do Bairro .

Cool off in the shade of 18 river parks
Just mention some of the river parks in Ãgueda to make you want to visit them all. Parque do Alfusqueiro, located next to the bridge of the river of the same name, is located in the parish of PreÌ stimo and Macieira de Alcôba. In several parts of the river, sand banks are formed and on the banks, trees provide shade for bathers. The natural grass and fine sand on the banks placed in the space made the area particularly attractive for spending quality time in the summer. The Redonda River Park, Parish of Belazaima do Chão, Castanheira do Vouga and Agadão, has a bar, motorhome park and an extensive beach to relax. This park is part of the mountain’s pedestrian trail and is one of the most visited by Aguedense residents and tourists. In the oldest river park in the municipality, the Souto do Rio River Park, in the parish of AÌ gueda and Borralha, you will find areas of generous shade and excellent water quality, as well as a support bar during the summer. In the Bolfiar River Park, in the parish of AÌ gueda and Borralha, stay in the shade on the natural grass and have a cold drink at the bar. In summer, the banks of the Alfusqueiro and AÌ gueda rivers are connected by a wooden pedestrian bridge.


Walk through Ancient Corn Village
From the mountains to Pateira, from the granite villages such as Macieira de Alcôba, called Aldeia Pedagógica do Milho Antigo, or Urgueira, with the old community oven, to the city, there are very diverse routes to discover. On PR1 – Trilho da Pateira to Ãgueda (start in Espinhel or Óis da Ribeira) Adventure through the natural beauty of Pateira de Fermentelos and peaceful banks of the river. Along the walk, you are surrounded by forests of chestnut, oak and laurel trees, while you cross winding paths between cornfields. Enjoy the panoramic views along the banks of the fertile lagoon, heading to the Cértima River pier along paths lined with willows, laurels, poplars and reeds.

Alternatively, you can opt for the PR7 – Trilho dos Poços (starting in Fermentelos), also circular and ready for around 10 km of walking. Alternatively, choose the “Trilho do Rio à gueda†, it runs along paths and territories of Ãgueda and Borralha, Recardães and Espinhel and Travassô and Óis da Ribeira, joining the city center of Ãgueda to Pateira de Fermentelos with a route along the banks of the river Ãgueda. It is circular and has as its first point of interest the “Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho†, next to the inflatable dam that contributes to the maintenance of the water mirror in the city. The landscape is marked by corn fields and the river and all the biological diversity. The riparian galleries made up of ash trees, alders, laurels and willows are home to kingfishers, mallard ducks and even otters.

Vouga Ecopista


Glide on rails next to the Vouga River
The Ecopista do Vouga, implemented on the old Vouga railway line and starting at the Sernada do Vouga railway complex, is a route for sporting or leisure activities. The route, flanked by panoramic views, is accompanied by the Vouga River and the National Road 16. Whether on foot, by bicycle, or even rollerblading, this route can be covered in around an hour and a half, being the four kilometer section. In total, the Ecopista connects the municipalities of Ãgueda, Albergaria-a-Velha, Sever do Vouga, Oliveira de Frades, Vouzela, São Pedro do Sul, Viseu, Tondela and Santa Comba Dão , through a continuous route of around 120 km. Sernada do Vouga is a town in the parish of Macinhata do Vouga, which benefits from natural and cultural landscapes that deserve to be known. The road-rail bridge over the Vouga river, the old canal of the Vale do Vouga line – Ramal de Viseu and current ecopista, as well as the CP workshops, still in operation, and the station where the “Vouguinha†locomotives are some of the points of interest. Sernada is the starting point for mountain biking and canoeing, with the possibility of following the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, taking the train to the Macinhata do Vouga Railway Museum or heading to the city of Ãgueda. Before setting off on your adventure, enjoy a moment of leisure in the Sernada River Park. You can also visit the Vouga Line, the only narrow-gauge railway line in operation in Portugal.

Heritage route to the romantic park
Visit the Dionísio Pinheiro and Alice Cardoso Pinheiro Foundation Museum, a space that has a vast collection of painting, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, ivories and silver, which are mostly owned by to the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries (Tel. 23462372). Discover the Ãgueda Arts Center, with regular, contemporary artistic programming, organizing musical shows, dance, theater and exhibitions (Tel. 234180151). In the Church of Santa Eulália, admire numerous works of art and stop in the “registry-museum†room, observing oil paintings, altarpieces, sculptures and panels. Relax in Alta Vila Park, a good example of revivalist architecture, with a romantic motivation due to the guardhouses and battlements carved into the walls that enclose it, revealing medieval influences, as well as in the internal structure of the park, punctuated by small bridges, lakes and exotic tree plantations. Also visit the Capela de São Pedro viewpoint and take a walk along the Ãgueda river, Ribeira do Ameal walkway and Largo 1º de Maio.


Try Dona Helena’s goat recipe
Selected in the 2024 Boa Cama Boa Mesa Guide and distinguished with the Recheio quality seal, the restaurant Manjar da Helena (Tel. 234603760), in the municipality of Ãgueda, has in its “Shrimp with coriander dish†and at “Roasted goat with oven rice†, “excellent dishes that set it apart†, according to the cook and owner, Pedro Guarino. The roast goat recipe is old and created by Dona Helena who created it in 1969 when she opened the restaurant. There are other highlights worth trying on the menu such as the “Grilled naco with punched potatoes and garlic oil†, the “Roasted veal steak†, the “Rodião de carne Mirandesa†and the fresh fish for grilling. Conclude the meal with the “Rabanada†, an ultimate pleasure, or the “Aletria da Helena†​​.

Manjar da Helena Restaurant

Agitágueda, from the arts to boat tours
An artistic event that is already a symbol of the city of Ãgueda, this year’s edition lasts 23 days, during which there is no lack of entertainment such as concerts, activities cultural and sporting activities and, above all, urban art. The color that AgitÁgueda – Art Festival promotes annually to the city is one of the main features of the festival, which has been taking place since 2006, and which has a starting date scheduled for the 6th of July, lasting until the 28th. It gives the opportunity to get to know the work of several national and renowned international clubs, but also to dive into a river pool with free access, take boat rides (traditional boat), canoeing on the river and athletics events around the city. The Agitágueda festival has some unmissable moments on the program such as performances by artists with body painting, the exhibition of Living Statues and activities such as the “Carnival Fora D’Horasâ € and Color Day. The Urban Art Route is a way of enriching the festival experience and also getting to know the city of Ãgueda in another way, through points with paintings and artistic installations. Remember that, in 2023, the Agità gueda festival won the PNT – National Tourism Awardin the Authentic Tourism category.


João Rodrigo Roldão

Sleep in a tree house
The accommodation options in Ãgueda are out of the ordinary, in line with the city’s artistic experience. A refuge in the countryside, Vale da Silva Villas (Tel.916045055), a farm located in Albergaria-a-Velha, just ten minutes from Ãgueda, offers the ideal tranquility to recover after so much excitement. In contact with nature, the proposal is to stay in one of the bungalows, installed on the century-old property, which is a family project. The Stilt Tree House, in front of a pond, surrounded by vegetation, corresponds to the idyllic idea of ​​“love and a cabin†. Staying at the Up Pateira Hotel (Tel. 234720000) promises panoramic views of the waters of the natural lagoon Pateira de Fermentelos, located in the triangle of Ãgueda, Aveiro and Oliveira do Bairro.

Casa da à rvore Palafita

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