Pedro Abrunhosa: “I also collaborated in the construction of this fake ‘showbizz’ of sewage and diamonds. Forgive our misery, Faust”

Pedro Abrunhosa mourned the death of Fausto Bordalo Dias with a post on social media, where he paid tribute to the one he considers to have been “the best of us†.

“Poet. Musician. Aesthetics inventor. The silence on the radio stations that didn’t show him because he wasn’t modern, the awards he didn’t win because he wasn’t popular, the festivals he didn’t do because his music killed him. was not square, the accounting of the few streams because he didn’t write to the meter and music isn’t calculus,” he started by writing.

“Those who never saw him live when they could, those who never heard him because they didn’t want to, those who will swear they always loved him, those who pay tribute to him because they are urbanites killed him. and civilized. Don’t kill music anymore, please! Enough of dead heroes with their songs ruined by greed.

In a kind of MEA culpathe Porto musician added: “I’m shit because I, too, contributed to the construction of this showbiz fake sewage and shiny†.

“But I heard it, I heard it again, I memorized it, I cried over it, I sang it and I kissed his hands when one day I found him to tell him all this. You killed me, Faust. You died to an entire country blind to music and deaf to poetry. See you always! And forgive our misery,†he concluded.

The wake of Fausto Bordalo Dias takes place this Tuesday, July 2nd, at Voz do Operário, in Lisbon.

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