Pedro Marques Lopes: “The Attorney General’s Office created the statute of the eternal suspect”

Here, the first interview, in six years, of the current Attorney General, Lucília Gago, and the death of her predecessor, Joana Marques Vidal, made news.

On the outside, the previous week ended with the United Kingdom turning to the center and France putting the brakes on, preventing the consolidation of a turn to the right. In lands of his majesty, Keir Starmer’s Labor had achieved a very absolute majority, reducing the Conservatives to a parliamentary representation that did not reach a third of the Labor bench. Nigel Farage’s reformists elected just five deputies, but they are the third party force, ahead of the Liberals who, even so, managed to elect 72.

In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Regroupment was clearly the most voted, but in the distribution of deputies, in single-member circles, it came in third with 143 seats, behind the presidential front with 166 and the left-wing with 180. Forming a parliamentary majority seems impossible.


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