Pedro Nuno Santos admits that the Budget is viable: the “practically impossible” has become “surmountable”

The PS wants the Government’s attention. “it cannot be ignored,†said its leader, Pedro Nuno Santos, admitting that, with attention and conversation, it is possible for the “practically impossible†viability to become “superior. vel†. The impossibility “is only surmountable to the extent that the Government is willing not to ignore the largest opposition party†, said Pedro Nuno in an interview with RTP, this Wednesday- fair at night.

“We cannot be ignored and wait for the PS to raise its hand. The PS is not present,’ said the general secretary of the PS, explaining the expression “practically impossible†that he used several times about the OE is due to the “distance†that exists between socialists and the Government. “If the PS is ignored then we will have a problem†, warned Pedro Nuno, guaranteeing that “the PS does not have an irresponsible attitude towards the country, it cannot do violence to itself†by voting on a document for which it is not taken into account.

Without wanting to go into specific points that he would like to see in an OE so that it is “surmountable†, the socialist leader assumed that “nobody wants political instability†and that “it is not desirable†going to elections. And he was placing, at all times, the emphasis on the Government’s attention to the PS going to elections “it would be bad for the country, just as it would be bad for the country to have. a Budget that ignores Parliament, that ignores the popular will†, which gave as many deputies to the PS as to the PSD.

What the socialist leader would also like attention from the Government and, specifically, the Prime Minister is in the choice of the next Attorney General of the Republic. “If I were prime minister, I would listen to the leader of the largest opposition party,†said Pedro Nuno Santos, assuming that “there has been discomfort regarding the performance of the Public Ministry†.

Criticism of Montenegro and Ventura about police

The interview began with negotiations with the police, with Pedro Nuno Santos criticizing the prime minister for “completed†what he did to the police when he said he would not put “not one more cent†on the negotiating table. There is a new negotiating round scheduled for the 9th and this Thursday. “The Prime Minister closes the negotiations when they are supposedly still ongoing. It seems to me to be a wrong way to conduct a negotiation process,” said the socialist leader, who, as I had already done on Tuesdayalso criticized Chega for the use it tries to make of discontent in the security forces.

“A party that presents itself as a defender of order is itself a promoter of disorder.â€, accused Pedro Nuno Santos, who recalled how in the electoral campaign he also defended raises for police officers, but with responsibility. “We must respond to the demands of the security forces within the budgetary margin”, he added, without, however, saying how he will vote on Chega’s proposals that will be debated this Thursday at the Parliament.


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