PGR counterattacks, Macron’s surprise and the historic defeat of the Tories in the United Kingdom

Before being heard in Parliament, the Attorney General of the Republic, LucÃlia Gago, decided to give the first interview of her six-year term. She spoke of an “orchestrated campaign†against the Public Ministry, but did not hide the fact that she believes that justice could be weakened. Has Lucília Gago been able to respond to the criticism? In France, the election results surprised the whole world – did they surprise Macron? —, with the New Popular Front ending up claiming victory. Across the Channel, “New Labor†finally managed to defeat the Conservatives, after 14 years of Tory power. Are the United Kingdom and France in a counter-cycle? These themes are analyzed in this week’s episode.

Tiago Pereira Santos with photographs by Nuno Fox

Every Wednesday three young women debate the hot topics of the political week. Adriana Cardoso, the Big Pharma centrist, Maria Castello Branco, the tarot liberal, and Leonor Rosas, the irredeemable leftist, join Expresso after a first season at TSF between 2022 and 2023.

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