PJ arrests six suspects of internet scams in renting holiday homes

The Judiciary Police (PJ) arrested six suspects for committing repeated fraud through the creation of false profiles on social media to rent holiday homes in various parts of the country. country, was announced this Tuesday.

In a statement, the PJ, through the Northern Directorate, states that the detainees are indicted for the continued and organized practice of the crimes of qualified fraud, computer fraud and money laundering. , “committed via the Internet, which caused property damage to the victims estimated at hundreds of thousands of euros”.

“The ‘modus operandi’ consisted of creating false profiles through social networks to later be used to advertise the rental of holiday homes, located in various parts of the country. country”, explains the PJ.

A source linked to the investigation told the Lusa agency that all the arrests took place in Greater Porto.

This criminal investigation force states that, “after being persuaded, the victims made payments, as a reserve, to bank accounts held by third parties, raised for the purpose (Money Mule) and, later , used by the perpetrators of scams to receive the benefits arising from these illicit acts”.

Through this scheme, the defendants managed, according to the PJ, “to obtain illegitimate enrichment, making it a way of life”.

“As part of this police operation, which involved the participation of 75 investigators from the Northern Directorate and the Central Directorate of the PJ, 23 home searches were carried out, during which a diverse evidentiary material, and two other men were also arrested for possession of prohibited firearms and ammunition”, the statement also states.

The detainees will be presented to the competent judicial authority for the first judicial interrogation and application of coercive measures.


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