Police risk supplement: Government irreducible to 300 euros, but there is an agreement in sight with some unions

The Minister of Internal Administration, Margarida Blasco, returned this Tuesday, in an “all or nothing†manner, to receive and meet with the PSP unions and GNR associations, one day after the Prime Minister expressed “hope†that an agreement could be reached regarding the risk supplement for police officers. The Government remained adamant in the proposal it had made: Luís Montenegro stated in June that there was “not one more cent†beyond 300 euros.

The National Union of Police Officers (SNOP), the Union Association of Police Professionals (ASPP), the National Union of Career Chiefs and the Association of Guard Professionals will be willing to sign an agreement, which is being finalized, advances RTP.

However, four PSP unions left the meeting with the minister without reaching consensus: Independent Union of Police Officers, National Police Union, Autonomous Police Union Association and Union of Police Professionals.

The first union to be received was SNOP, followed by ASPP, the largest union in the PSP, but after around seven hours they are still meeting and negotiating. The National Union of the Career of Chefs and the six professional associations of the GNR are also gathered.

In addition to the increase of 300 euros, Margarida Blasco also proposes, according to the unions, other measures, such as a review of the PSP’s professional status, changes to the remuneration table in 2025 and the assessment ordinance revision of salary tables and a “green path” in healthcare.

At the last meeting, on June 4, Margarida Blasco and the union and association structures of the security forces did not reach an agreement, with the Government still far from 400 euros (initially some unions, in the In the case of GNR, they even asked for 600) of the required risk supplement. The Government proposes to increase the supplement by 300 euros, an amount that would be paid in phases – 200 euros this year and the remainder at the beginning of 2025 and 2026, with an increase of 50 euros each year – passing the fixed supplement from the current 100 to 400 euros, in addition to maintaining the variable component of 20% of the base salary.

One solution seemed to be, for the two parties to meet “in the middle”, to have to go through an “indirect†expenditure. In other words, for the Government to guarantee, as it intends, an increase of 300 euros, providing police, other benefits and improvements that represent more money at the end of the month. had been talking in the press to increase the uniform allowance (an increase of almost two thirds compared to the present value), also increase the bonus services and establish a single table for them, in addition to a review that of careers – which will allow you to accelerate promotions and promotions.

The unions, faced with the Government’s intransigence and rejecting this final proposal, would know that a future negotiation, taking place in the next year or following, could represent a very high risk, as the Government’s financial margin to negotiate would be reduced than it currently is.


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