Portugal and Italy are the oldest countries in the European Union

Portugal is, along with Italy, the country in the European Union (EU) with the highest percentage of elderly population, with almost two elderly people for every young person, PORDATA revealed this Thursday.

The elderly population in Portugal has grown by more than two percent per year since 2019, with the number of people aged 100 exceeding 3000, according to data released by the database on World Population Day £o.

“The population in Portugal is getting older”, noted the statistics platform, noting that the median age increased from 38.5 to 47 years in two decades. More than 2.5 million people are aged 65 or over.

“Aging is also seen in the number of individuals of working age per elderly person: there are 2.6 active people for each elderly person. 20 years ago, there were four for each elderly person”, according to the database.

Only two municipalities have more young people than elderly people, Lagoa and Ribeira Grande, in the Azores.

“Ten years ago, there were 36 Portuguese municipalities with more young people than elderly people”, according to the same source. “Our country is the second in the EU with the highest rate of aging and the fourth in the world with the highest proportion of elderly population.”

The platform also highlighted data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE) this year, noting that the country currently has the highest number of residents in recent decades: 10.6 million.

Data analysis highlights that the Portuguese are “more alone”, there are more couples without children and more than a million people live alone.

More than half of the people who live alone are elderly (55%), which makes Portugal the fourth country in the European Union with the highest percentage of elderly people living alone among the total number of people in this condition.

Marriages celebrated between foreigners almost doubled in the last decade, rising from 767 in 2013 to 2163 last year.

Wedding celebrations between Portuguese and foreigners increased by three percentage points, representing 15% of marriages in the period under analysis, for a total of 5409 in 2023. Migration balances have almost doubled in the last two years.


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