Portugal in 9th place on the list of countries that consume the most digital piracy

Portugal is among the countries in Europe “that consume the most audiovisual and digital piracy”, occupying ninth place out of 29, with Apritel defending “the urgency of intervention by the Government and competent authorities” in this matter.

According to the study published by the European Union Intellectual Property Institute (EUIPO), which encompasses the countries of the EU and the United Kingdom, Portugal is among those that consume the most piracy, the association announced this Wednesday. of Apritel operators.

“This is a crime that goes beyond ‘streaming’, it is estimated that there are 288 thousand people with a monthly subscription to illegal services in Portugal, with each subscription having a reach of four people, according to another study by Bournemouth University, published at the end of 2022”, says Apritel.

Although the criminalization of illegitimate access in Portugal currently has legal representation, “the fact that it is only applied in the context of accusation via criminal proceedings reduces the probability of convicting users”, and, therefore, Therefore, “the intervention of the Government and the competent entities is essential, with a view to changing the legislation so that mechanisms are created to combat this crime more quickly” .

This problem, which has a national impact, will be addressed today by Apritel’s general secretary, Pedro Mota Soares, during his intervention at the II Colloquium on Digital Piracy of Audiovisual Content, which takes place at the headquarters of Judicial Police (PJ), in Lisbon.

According to Government data, “audiovisual piracy has an impact of 212 million euros on the national economy, of which 66 million in taxes”.

This impact “goes beyond the economic, with piracy linked to cyber risk, the financing of terrorism networks and crimes, such as fraud and money laundering”, says Apritel.

More than half (57%) of ‘APPs’ [aplicações] pirates have viruses & ‘malware’, according to a study by the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance, representing a risk to family security”, he warns.

“It is crucial to take advantage of this moment to enshrine new forms of protection against this crime. What is illegal ‘offline’ must be illegal ‘online'”, says Pedro Mota Soares, quoted in a statement.

Apritel is an institutional representation association of companies in the electronic communications industry that aims to promote the adoption of good policies and sectoral regulation measures, as well as reinforcing consumer awareness and the importance of communications in society, according to the entity.


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