Portuguese Miio will operate in four new European countries during the summer

And Miio, startup Portuguese company that proposes to simplify electric mobility, will begin operating, during the summer, in four new countries: Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. Its application will cover more than 247 thousand electric car charging stations in these countries.

Miio emerged in 2019 and developed an application for smartphones connected to 125 thousand charging stations spread across Portugal, Spain and France. It currently has 280 thousand registered users in the three countries, and represents around 70% of the Portuguese market of electric vehicle users and plug-in.

According to the company, “the initiative comes at a time when more and more Portuguese people are choosing to travel abroad with their electric cars†, which reflects the “growing confidence in electric mobility and robustness of the charging network†.

In statements to the Express, Daniela Simões, executive president of Miio, states that the new countries covered are already quite developed with regard to charging networks. “We wanted to geographically cover our travel area, coverage, but we also took into account the growth rate of charging networks, sales of electric vehicles and also the receptivity of community to more digital solutions†.

In a statement, Miio states that the success of this campaign could determine the company’s permanence in these markets, starting in October this year. “We want to feel that the community was curious about our solution, agreed to try it and, after accepting to try it, really recognized our value and realized that we were different from the competition and other applications†€, explained Daniela Simões.

Miio took its first steps towards internationalization in 2022, with entry into the Spanish and French markets. According to the company, since the beginning of 2024, Miio has recorded an increase in charging sessions in both countries. To the Express, Daniela Simões revealed that entering Spain was easier than entering France. “I can say that the Spanish community is very receptive to our services. The French population was more afraid to trust a foreign brand,†she said.

Daniela Simões also confessed her intention to continue expanding the business to other European countries.

Asked about the adversities in the sector, the Miio manager refers to the importance of “educating the consumer†and simplifying the entire vehicle charging process through, for example, making the service mandatory roaming in all countries. According to Daniela Simões, if this measure is implemented “the user does not need to negotiate with ten different companies to be able to travel from point A to point B†.


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