Prosecutor for Operation Marquês says that Costa is not a suspect, because a suspicious person “cannot fail to be considered a defendant”

After months of attacks on the Public Ministry, one of the most well-known prosecutors in the Republic comes out in defense of the institution.

In an exclusive interview with SIC, Rosário Teixeira, the magistrate who detained José Sócrates almost 10 years ago, guarantees that the “Public Ministry does not have free reign†.

Regarding Operation Influencer and the Madeira case, the magistrate rejects the idea that there was an intention to overthrow governments and considers that António Costa is not a suspect: “If the person was heard in the process as a declarant, that person is not a suspect, because if he is a suspect in the process, he cannot fail to be considered a defendant. That’s what the code says.”

The exclusive interview can be seen this Thursday on Jornal da Noite and SIC Notícias.

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