Reactions to the death of Joana Marques Vidal: “notable judge” is remembered as a “unique figure” in Portuguese justice

The President of the Republic lamented the death of Joana Marques Vidal, who “played an important role in Portuguese society as an illustrious jurist, judge with profound social concerns and leadership roles, namely as Attorney General of the Republic†.

“He gained the respect and support of peers, subordinates and society in general, never ceasing to dedicate himself to a democratic pedagogy, with emphasis on civic participation and the defense of fundamental rights, with an important role in them of women and the defense of the most fragile and discriminated against”, reads the note by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The Prime Minister, Luís Montenegro, remembers Joana Marques Vidal as a “remarkable judge†and highlights “the rigor and impartiality†with which she held the position of Attorney General of the Republic (PGR).

“Remarkable judge, whose life of service to the State had as its corollary the mandate as Attorney General of the Republic, a position she performed with remarkable rigor, impartiality and excellence. On behalf of myself and the Government, I express my deepest condolences to your Family,” wrote the Prime Minister on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

The Minister of Justice also lamented the death of the former PGR, expressing “deep respect” for the loss of that “remarkable judge”. “It is with deep respect that the Ministry of Justice mourns the death of Joana Marques Vidal, notable judge and former Attorney General of the Republic”, declares Rita Alarcão Júdice in a statement.

The Minister of Justice states “to join those who will miss him and those who pay tribute to his character, rectitude and dedication to Justice”. Joana Marques Vidal “will always be worthy of our tribute, admiration and gratitude, we share the pain and longing with her family”, says the note.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Pedro Duarte, highlighted that Joana Marques Vidal’s dedication and integrity were exemplary in the service of Portuguese justice. “I deeply regret the death of Magistrate Joana Marques Vidal, former Attorney General of the Republic. Her dedication and integrity were exemplary in the search for justice in our country. My condolences to family and friends,” wrote Pedro Duarte on the X social network.

“The Attorney General of the Republic, the Attorney General of the Republic and the Superior Council of the Public Ministry express deep regret at the death of retired Deputy Attorney General Maria Joana Raposo Marques Vidal, who served as Attorney General- General of the Republic in the years 2012 to 2018†, reads a note released by the PGR.


“The firm” is “legado inestimável”.

The former President of the Republic, AnÃbal Cavaco Silva, praised “the firmness” with which Marques Vidal exercised his mandate and the “balanced way in which he managed highly complex cases”.

In a note sent to Lusa, Cavaco Silva said that it was “with deep consternation” that he received the news, regretting the “unexpected departure, too soon”, and stated that even before appointing her, in 2012, he was convinced ” for your honesty and your consideration.”

“The firmness with which Joana Marques Vidal carried out her mandate, giving a new dynamic to criminal investigation, and the balanced way in which she managed highly complex cases, impressed me greatly. I had the opportunity to say so in 2018 , when his mandate ended. The dignity he has shown since then confirms the reasons for my admiration”, wrote Cavaco Silva.

The former head of state considers that Marques Vidal “provided very important services to Portugal” and addresses “heartfelt condolences” to the family, “particularly to his father”, José Marques Vidal, former director-general of the Judiciary Police ¡ria. “His unexpected departure, too soon, deprives us of a sober, serious and relevant opinion in the world of Justice,” he said.

Photographed at the end of the interview he gave to Expresso and SIC in his last week as PGR, in October

For the president of the Assembly of the Republic, José Pedro Aguiar-Branco, the position of PGR held by Marques Vidal was “only” the most public and visible face of a professional and civic career “remarkable that the country is grateful for†, published on social network X.

The retired deputy attorney general, Maria José Morgado, expressed “deep regret†. “He leaves an invaluable legacy to the Public Ministry, of combativeness, dignity, leadership capacity,†he responded to Lusa.

The president of the Government of the Azores also expressed “deep sadness and consternation†. José Manuel Bolieiro highlights, in a statement, Marques Vidal’s “noteworthy†connection to the Azores, recalling that between 2004 and 2007 she was a legal auditor for the minister of the Republic for the Autonomous Region of Aà officials and representative of the Public Ministry in the Azores Regional Section of the Court of Auditors.

“His contribution was invaluable to the region, where he left an indelible mark through his hard work and commitment to the values ​​of justice,†says the leader of Azorean executive in the note, remembering the judge as “a unique figure in Portuguese justice”.

The former Attorney General of the Republic died this Tuesday, aged 68, at the Hospital de São João, in Porto, after having been hospitalized in a coma for several weeks. Joana Marques Vidal was the first woman to lead the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, between 2012 and 2018, being succeeded in the position by LucÃlia Gago.


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