Restitution of works: “In the list of 14,685 cultural assets, we have not identified any incorrect appropriation so far”, says the minister

“Disastrous†. This is how the new Minister of Culture, Dalila Rodrigues, made a point of classifying the management of Pedro Adãoe Silva, her predecessor in the department. Especially with regard to the reform undertaken by the socialist ruler in the area of ​​heritage, with the extinction of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and the creation of the Museums and Monuments of Portugal and the Institute of Cultural Heritage.

“The reform was disastrous and its consequences are disastrous and it was necessary to intervene so that the chaos could be controlled. This reform ignored the country and also ignored heritage technicians,’ said the minister in a session in which the first reason that brought her to Parliament – the debate on the issue of restitution of cultural assets to countries of origin – and which ended up being secondaryized.

This is a two-part article.

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