Sale of dams: Miranda do Douro pays tribute to Mariana Mortágua, Rui Rio and Nuno Félix

Three and a half years have passed since the million-dollar deal, which yielded EDP 2,200 million euros from the sale of the six Douro dams, but the State has not yet charged any taxes. In order not to let the matter fall into oblivion and recognize those who stood alongside the municipalities in the fight for their rights, the Miranda do Douro City Council awarded the key to the city to three politicians who were involved in this cause.

Mariana Mortágua, from Bloco de Esquerda, and Rui Rio, former leader of the PSD, were at the forefront of challenging the passivity of the previous socialist Government. The former PS Secretary of State, Nuno Félix, was also honored for the decisions he made, forcing the Tax Authority to charge IMI to dam concessionaires.

The various municipalities in Trás-os-Montes claim to be creditors of more than 400 million euros in taxes that the State has not yet collected.

Meanwhile, an investigation is underway at the Public Ministry into the dam sales business on suspicion of tax fraud and another to investigate possible illegalities in the charging of IMI on electricity production centers.


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