South Hayward gang contributors hurry plea do business in in ‘Operation Wintry weather Hurricane’ case

HAYWARD — 4 males accused of diverse violent crimes to learn their South Hayward-based gang have authorised plea do business in and jail phrases starting from seven to 17 years and 8 months, courtroom information display.

On Dec. 15, Hayward resident Dezmon Wren, 26, pleaded refuse tournament to tried homicide and accent fees for an agreed-upon sentence of 17 years and 8 months in jail. His conviction marked the unedited adjudication in a five-count felony case that resulted from a 2017 police wiretap investigation dubbed Operation Wintry weather Hurricane.

Wren’s co-defendants Robert Navarro, Jeswal Prakash, and Roger Castelan have all authorised plea do business in starting from seven to 11 years in circumstance jail. They have been all accused of plotting to devote violent crimes, together with shootings, towards competitors.

The crowd on the heart of the case is referred to as East Las Palmas gang, or ELP, a subset of the Norteños founded in South Hayward. The investigation used to be triggered through a fibre of gang shootings and homicides, and resulted in numerous felony circumstances, together with more than one alleged gang conspiracies.

The plots integrated an alleged conspiracy to execute a person nicknamed “80-Deuce” who had allegedly shot co-defendant Humberto Villegas within the hand, in addition to allegations that 3 sovereign makes an attempt have been made to explode the unused boyfriend of Navarro’s kid’s mom.

Alternative ELP contributors, together with Villegas, Michael Porter, and Matthew “Yung Mickey” Munoz, have been charged with conspiring in a plot to homicide a rival gang member who rapped underneath the moniker Lil’ Slugg.

Not one of the alleged homicide plots in truth got here to fruition; the sufferers both weren’t killed or police prohibited the violence from going down, because of the wiretap operation, consistent with prosecutors.

Munoz used to be sentenced to twenty-five years to pace in jail previous this day, next a jury convicted him of conspiracy to devote first level homicide within the plot to explode Lil’ Slugg, courtroom information display.


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