South Korea will produce new weapon to combat North Korean ‘drones’

South Korea will produce a new type of laser weapon to shoot down North Korean drones, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced this Thursday, which dubbed the technology “Project War in the stars”.

Part of the country’s efforts to modernize its defensive capacity in the face of advances in North Korean weapons, this new system has been under development since 2019, at a cost of 87.1 billion won (around 58 million of euros).

The company Hanwha Aerospace is the supplier of this new system capable of “neutralizing targets by irradiating them directly with a laser light source generated by optical fiber”, explained DAPA in a statement.

The weapon is capable of “defending against small unmanned aerial vehicles and multirotors [outro tipo de ‘drones’] within walking distance”, according to DAPA.

Once used, South Korea will become the first country to operate a weapon of this type. This is expected to happen this year, the South Korean agency added.

The weapon only needs electricity to function and the laser beam emitted is not visible to the human eye, nor does it emit any sound.

The South Korean army began strengthening its defense capacity against ‘drones’ after five North Korean devices crossed the border between the two countries in December 2022, one of which flew over the north of Seoul before returning back.

The South Korean military sent planes and helicopters to locate and shoot down the other four ‘drones’ in the vicinity of Ganghwa Island, but ended up losing sight of the devices due to their small size – less than three meters in height. width.

The incident marked a peak in tension on the Korean peninsula and called into question Seoul’s preparation for incursions by these unmanned devices.


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