Swiss authorities discover first cyberattacks before Peace conference

“These attacks are expected and there is currently no acute danger”, declared the Federal Cybersecurity Office without attributing the origin of the attacks, in a press release released this Thursday, the 13th.

These attacks, also known by the acronym DDoS (‘Distributed Denial of Service’), “resulted in small interruptions within the defined tolerance range. The operation of the affected units was not significantly disturbed”, declared the Cabinet.

With this type of cyberattack, “hacktivists intend to launch disruptive maneuvers in cyberspace to spread their political message and attract attention”, added the Swiss authorities, who had already indicated that they expected attempts of the genre.

Dozens of world leaders will meet in Switzerland on Saturday and Sunday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for a summit designed as a “first step” towards finding a path to peace in Ukraine ¢nia, in the presence of just under a hundred countries and international organizations, but without Russia and China.

The aim of the summit, requested by Kiev, is to “inspire a future peace process”, but the outcome of the meeting remains uncertain.

Ukraine hopes to obtain broad international support by defining the conditions it considers necessary for a peace process.


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