Tascando Portugal: These are the best taverns in Lisbon and Porto

Adega S. Pedro (Rua Esteiro de Campanhã, 10, Porto. Tel. 225305009), in the city of Porto, with “Ovos Rotos†, was the winner of the first edition of Tascando, a competition that sought best tavern in the cities of Lisbon and Porto. Inspired by the Brazilian “Comida di Buteco†, created in 2000, in Belo Horizonte, the election took place during the month of May. 39 spaces competed for the prize, which included voting by the public and a specialized jury.

S. Pedro Winery

Claudia Regina Pereira

About the winning tavern, you can read on the competition’s official page that “it is a space that has been with Mr. João since 2019, but has existed for over 50 years. Regional house with typical Portuguese food in a familiar, welcoming and very pleasant atmosphere. The price of snacks can go up to €10, but meals range from €10 to €15. More aimed at dinners and lunches, it has a variety of snacks, ham and broken eggs, which are one of the house’s specialties. Various wines to water the pasture†.

Casa Pereira

In second place was Casa Pereira (Rua Cimo de Vila, 64, Porto. Tel. 919525058) with a proposal for “Liver Bait†. The description states that the house is managed by “Mr. Pereira, since 1987, but has existed since 1948, with its former boss. Also a family place that spans several generations. Because they are homemade, the snacks are very popular, such as cod baits, small plates of fried cod, liver baits, tripe, ear, steaks, ham, sarrabulho porridge (only on Saturdays). ), floured casings, etc.. There is plenty of everything and everything is well washed down with the house wine and others!â€

Tasquinha Rebelo

In third place was Tasquinha Rebelo (Rua de Miraflor, 1, Porto. Tel. 225360815) with “Bacalhau à Gomes de SÆ, a small space and “family friendly, welcoming that overflows friendliness, good disposition and where arrogance does not enter! They have a variety of snacks, but it seems that the pataniscas, the gizzards and the cheese and ham boards are just enough to eat and cry for more! Other snacks abound and have very original names such as “Pita Ardida†, “Pau Teso†, “Lambidela†, “Quecas Panadas†, “Pila Murcha†, “Come me o Queijo†, Colhões de Velhinho†€ , among other snacks†.

Tasquinha dos Guindais

Porto also takes fourth place, with the “Roasted Sardines with Salad†from Tasquinha dos Guindais (Escadas dos Guindais, 34, Porto. Tel. 939051071). Considered “a family space that was born in a room of the house that belonged to D. Adilia’s parents. Very welcoming due to the small interior space and the service, this little tavern is managed by D. AdÃlia, her husband, her son and a friend who also helps! Located in the historic area of ​​the city, traditional meals and homemade snacks are served, such as pataniscas, cod fritters, chorizo ​​roasted on the stove, alheirinha, roasted sardines and others. m on fire†.

Imperial of Campo de Ourique

In the first edition of Tascando in Portugal, a trophy was also awarded to the fifth place winner. The last winner was Imperial de Campo de Ourique (Rua Correia Teles, 67, Lisbon. Tel. 213886096), which competed with a “Chanfana†. Founded in 1947, “by two brothers, Mr. Manuel and Mr. José, who came from Minho to Lisbon. As a typical house of traditional Portuguese food, they have specialties such as lamprey, shad, lamb, Minho-style cod, cod tongue, tripe and Portuguese stew.


To reach the result, Miguel Moreira, coordinator of the initiative in Portugal, explained that the evaluation has “different parameters such as service, the temperature of the drink, the hygiene of the establishment and, naturally, the snack itself or dish†. After the evaluations were completed, by around 40 anonymous jurors, the calculations were made, with the dish having 70% of the weight of the score and the other categories 10% each. , each one, 50% of the weight of the votes, with the popular vote being determined by ballot boxes present in the 39 participating tascas.

Conheça HERE the taverns in competition in this first edition of Tascando. You can find out more about the taverns in competition on the SICwhich is media partner of the initiative.

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