Tatanka (The Black Mamba): “We’re releasing a wrist-splitting version of ‘Love Is on My Side’”

Guest of Posto Emissor this week, Tatanka, lead singer of The Black Mamba, spoke about the album that the band is preparing to release at the end of the year, “Last Night in Amsterdam†. On this album, Black Mamba will include ‘Love Is on My Side’, the song with which they won the Song Festival in 2021 and which managed to reach 12th position They are at Eurovision, which took place in Rotterdam that year.

“The song had three verses, but the Song Contest and Eurovision regulations only allow three minutes, so we had to take out one verse,†he explains. This version is more depressing, wrist-splitting. The other was epic.â€

At the end of this year, Black Mamba will release the album “Last Night in Amsterdam†. In 2025, they will bring “immersive shows†to the coliseums in Lisbon and Porto, on January 17 and 24, 2025, respectively.


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