Taylor Swift’s goodbye to Lisbon, amid tears, drooling parents and abandoned cans: “She’s a great poet. That’s why it touches our hearts so much”

We arrived near the Estádio da Luz, which we had abandoned just over 12 hours ago, exactly at the same time on the day of Taylor Swift’s debut in Portugal: just before the scheduled entry time. on stage by Paramore, who performed the first parts of both concerts. The scenario we found was completely different. The seemingly meaningless queues we encountered on day 1, we didn’t even see them. The bruaá that came out of the Benfica cathedral was gigantic, assuring us that few would be those who would not already be in the designated place to watch the North American star’s performance. Outside, there was a not very long queue to buy merchandising, All we are left with is the irritation of seeing thousands and thousands of empty cans, lined up on the floor, of a soft drink that, certainly, saw fit to carry out a promotional campaign there . “At least they are organized,†we thought.

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Francesco Giganti

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