The iridescent space-time photograph of Air live at the Ageas Cool Jazz festival: it’s been a long time coming but we don’t want to forget

We knew exactly what we were getting into and we weren’t disappointed. The spectacle of the French Air, the biggest name in french touch, at the Ageas Cool Jazz festival, in Cascais, was a celebration of their debut album “Moon Safari†, which, 25 years ago (26, to be more precise) took them from anonymity, and were precisely those ten dreamlike songs that we listened to, in the order they appear on the 1998 album and in versions that are quite faithful to the originals – just as, moreover, Nicolas Godin, one half of the duo, had us assured, in an interview, that they would do it. Among them, of course, the triptych of singles stood out that even today, a handful of albums later, continue to contain all the ingredients that transformed the duo into a phenomenon of longevity.

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