The Lesson of Ruth Ginsburg and the Delayed Awakening of Democrats

It is difficult to think about legal and progressive thought in the USA and not stumble upon the name of Ruth Ginsburg. Appointed by Clinton in 1993, the second woman on the Supreme Court in more than 200 years, Ginsburg helped shape the legal framework and cultural views on matters such as gender equality, abortion, and positive discrimination. and a whole host of civil rights. In the last years of her term, when conservatives became a slim majority in the Supreme Court, her declarations of vote helped her become a pop star, a symbol of resistance and decency.

But his legacy ended up tarnished by the way he paved the way for an overwhelming majority of conservatives, by refusing to abdicate his position when Obama was in office and the Democrats had a majority in the Senate. He prevented the appointment of a more liberal judge and allowed Donald Trump’s three appointments.

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