The violence of “A Tram Named Desire” never went away: Tennessee Williams through First Symptoms, in Lisbon

A arrival of someone in a new place: the canonical beginning of many narratives. In this case, Blanche DuBois’s arrival at her sister’s house in New Orleans, practically at the beginning of the play. Blanche arrives with a suitcase, dressed elegantly, wearing a hat and gloves. In the previous scene, Stella, Stanley Kowalski and Mitch pass by, Stanley handed a package of meat to his wife, Stella, and they all end up going bowling; They leave the scene for Blanche to enter, who has a paper in her hand. “They told me to take a tram called Desire, and then transfer to one called Cemitérios and walk six blocks and get off at “Champs Elysees.†“That’s where you are now.†, says Eunice, the upstairs neighbor, sitting on a step. Blanche speaks with difficulty. Everything seems strange and unexpected to him. Comes from Laurel, Mississippi. The family’s large house and plantation were lost, swallowed up by debt; They have all died, and Blanche even lost her job as a teacher. “The nerves,†she says shortly after to her sister; she had to take a leave of absence. And there it is. The house is poor, it has two rooms, the kitchen and a bedroom, with a small bathroom. No doors, just curtains. And the story of the lost job, you will see, is not quite like that.

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