The Wolfgang Press, historic band from 4AD, announce first album in 29 years

The British The Wolfgang Press, one of the historic bands of the mythical 4AD, will release this year what will be their first album since 1995.

Titled “A 2nd Shape†, the album will be released by Downward Records on September 27th, being preceded by a short video teaser.

“A 2nd Shape†is the follow-up to 1995’s “Funky Little Demons†and was written by Michael Allen and Andrew Gray, founding members of the band, along with Stephen Gray, Andrew’s brother. Keyboardist Marc Cox, the group’s other original member, left Wolfgang Press in 1995.

In a press release, Wolfgang Press states that “this is an album that came about naturally and organically†, describing the tracks contained here as “timeless and essential†. “We wanted the album to be made without the help of computers. It was very important for us that the songs were recorded on magnetic tape and played as if it were live”, it can also be read.

Wolfgang Press were one of the first bands to be signed by 4AD (which introduced bands like the Cocteau Twins and the Pixies to the world, among others). Initially with a post-punk sound, the group quickly turned their attention to funk and dub, being mainly known for their international success ‘A Girl Like You (Born to Be Kissed)’, from 1991. His latest work, the mini-album “Unremembered Rememberedâ€, is released in 2020.


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