The woman who received a pig kidney transplant in New York three months ago has died

The woman who received a pig kidney transplant in April, in a hospital in New York, USA, and 47 days later had to remove the organ, died, the surgeon reported on Tuesday.

Lisa Pisano, 54, became the second person to receive a transplant from a genetically modified pig kidney, to increase compatibility between the animal graft and the human recipient.

The woman, from New Jersey, was also the first to receive a heart transplant and a heart pump, because she suffered from kidney and heart failure, but less than two months after surgery the new kidney had to be removed. removed because she was affected by irregular blood flow related to the pacemaker, forcing her to return to dialysis.

“Lisa’s contributions to medicine, surgery and xenotransplantation (the use of organs from other species) cannot be underestimated. Her courage gave hope to thousands of people who living with terminal kidney or heart failure and who may soon benefit from an alternative supply of organs”, highlighted the doctor who operated on her, Robert Montgomery.

The first person to receive a kidney from a genetically modified pig was Richard Slayman, 62, in March in Massachusetts, but he died two months later.

Kidneys are one of the most sought after organs in transplant units in the United States, where around 800,000 people need an organ.


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