Traffic accidents on the Porto Metro have been increasing since 2021

Traffic accidents on the Porto Metro have been increasing since 2021, with 93 recorded last year compared to 79 in 2022, but the number of deaths has been decreasing.

“In relation to 2023, there were 14 more traffic accidents (93 versus 79)”, after 47 were recorded in 2021, a year still marked by the covid-19 pandemic, can be read in the Report and Metro do Porto’s 2023 accounts, recently made available by the company.

In 2020, 47 traffic accidents were recorded and in 2019, the year before the pandemic and the company’s second best ever in terms of validations (more than 71 million), 111 accidents were recorded, the highest number of ever.

The number of injuries has also been increasing (198 in 2023, 188 in 2022 and 118 in 2021), contrary to the number of deaths (three in 2021, two in 2022 and one in 2023).

Of the accidents recorded in 2023, according to company data, 20 were due to collisions with cars, a type of accident that increased compared to 2022 (13 collisions) and 2021 (six).

This year, according to a source from Metro do Porto, there have already been 13 collisions with cars, as many as in the entirety of 2022.

Accidents with customers in the vehicle also increased in 2023, albeit slightly (61, compared to 58 in 2022), but significantly compared to 2021, a year still marked by the pandemic, in which 30 accidents with customers in the vehicle were recorded.

Pedestrian accidents also registered an increase in 2023 (12) compared to 2022 (eight), a year in which there was a decrease compared to accidents in 2021 (11).

According to Metro do Porto, in 2024 there will have been 11 accidents involving pedestrians, almost as many as last year, of which at least three were due to the use of headphones by passers-by.

On Tuesday, a Swedish citizen died after being run over by the subway while wearing headphones.

In addition to accidents, in the 2023 report and accounts, Metro do Porto points out that the “progressive aging” of EuroTram vehicles, the first in service with the company (since 2002), “poses increasing challenges in maintenance “.

“The performance of rolling stock, in the year 2023, assessed using the indicator ‘Average distance between failures’, was below what was required”, according to the company, with EuroTram vehicles registering “a performance worse than the previous year.”

At issue is “an average distance between faults close to 5,600 km (less than the 6,100 km achieved in 2022 and less than the 10,000 km that are the reference objective)”.


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