“Trump has convinced many Americans that the President is senile. There is no room for error for Biden”: interview with former Clinton advisor

Whoever is the next President of the United States will only be one more time. Neither Biden nor Trump can run for a third term, and this will affect the way they govern. William Glaston, professor, former White House advisor to Bill Clinton (1993-2001), author of more than a dozen books on history, theory and political strategy in the United States, is more concerned with the scenario of a second and final Trump presidency.

And what keeps him awake at night is not so much what could happen to his own country, but rather to Europe and, above all, to Ukraine, on whose soil it is decided whether NATO, the United States and the European Union are or are not capable of investing, of uniting, in rescuing a democracy under attack. Knowledgeable about the political reality of several European countries, including Portugal, he warns that populist and radical right-wing parties have not yet exhausted their growth potential and says that the struggle between giving priority to the economy or preservation that of national culture will define politics in the coming years, especially in the West.

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